Helena Cecelia Larsen and Ephraim Anton Holst

So far my posts for the #52ancestors challenge have been tributes to people that I knew before their death and less about family history research. Well, this week’s prompt, “In the Census,” has plunged me into the work of learning how to piece together clues from records. This inevitably leads to mysteries. This post is … More Helena Cecelia Larsen and Ephraim Anton Holst

John Newell Purser

During the early years of my life there was a kind old gentleman, John Newell Purser, who lived across the street who was not only a neighbor, but a true friend to our family. We called him Newell. Everyone did as far as I know. (On his 1917-1918 WWI draft card he entered and signed … More John Newell Purser

Our 2017 in Summary

This year I am participating in a challenge called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Each week I get a writing prompt emailed to me to help me explore my family history. This week’s prompt is “Start,” which means I should talk about myself. Rather than give a life history or ramble on and on about … More Our 2017 in Summary

Renter’s Rights–What I Wish I Would Have Known

So, now that it is all in the past (thank goodness) I have been able to do some actual research about renter’s rights, both nationally and within the State of Utah. Here are the rights that I now know I have as a renter that I wish I would have known before the flooding, but hope I never have to assert in the future. … More Renter’s Rights–What I Wish I Would Have Known

Crazy Follows Us

Friday night we were evacuated from our hotel. It was about midnight and the whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. However, it made for a long night as the little one’s sleep schedule was completely thrown off and being out after dark surrounded by strangers was, I am sure, unsettling for her. I am grateful … More Crazy Follows Us