I Could Get Used To This

So far this blog has been pretty heavy. With unemployment and flooding we have had a lot of “fun”, as my mom would say. So, I’ve decided that today’s post will be a bit light hearted. Today I give you my list of things I love about living in a hotel.

  1. Minimalist living. Our hotel suite is basically a one bedroom apartment. There’s a kitchenette/living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. We only brought what we need. I have no extra stuff I am tripping over and nothing I am keeping around to use in the future.
  2. House keeping services. Seriously, I will definitely miss this. Every day sweet women come into the suite and make the bed, take the used towels away and replace them with clean ones, clean my toilet, and do my dishes. Today I left early and in a hurry. I didn’t take the time to clean up the toys before I left. When I came home the house keeping staff had tidied up the toys and vacuumed up the baby’s crumbs.
  3. Free hot breakfast. This has been my favorite part of our stay. I haven’t ever been good at making breakfast, so up until last week my daughter thought that the only acceptable breakfast was Cheerios and some fruit. Now we have a wide range of foods to choose from. It reminds Brandon and me of being on a cruise so much that sometimes we forget that we can’t spend forever eating breakfast because he needs to go to work.
  4. Three free hot dinners a week. The particular hotel we are staying at has a social on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. But rather than just serving ice cream or cocktails, dinner and drinks are served. I love cooking. Don’t get me wrong. But cooking with a clingy child in one arm stresses me out. I love the break.
  5. Swimming Pool and Barbecue. The little lady of the family turned one year old this past weekend. Originally we planned to keep the celebration to just the three of us, but the move to the hotel changed that. We just couldn’t let the resources go to waste. So we invited some friends over for a barbecue, swimming, and cake (including a smash cake for the birthday girl).
  6. People. We have made friends with the head of housekeeping because she can’t get over how cute my daughter is. Seeing our little girl got a few of the guests that stayed here for work talking with us about their families at home. We made friends with some dog owner guests because babies love dogs. Basically, having a little one in tow is the best way to break the ice, especially in those awkward moments on the elevator.
  7. Air conditioning, toilet paper, and food thrown on the floor. At home in our apartment we don’t have AC. But if we did we wouldn’t use it much to save on utility costs. I am super careful at home to make sure the little one doesn’t get into the toilet paper and waste it. And all that food that gets thrown on the floor stresses me out. Here in the hotel I just don’t stress about the waste. Clearly I am more motivated by saving green than being green.

Of course there are things I miss about being in my own home…like an oven. But really, I could get used to this hotel living thing.

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