Our 2017 in Summary

This year I am participating in a challenge called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Each week I get a writing prompt emailed to me to help me explore my family history. This week’s prompt is “Start,” which means I should talk about myself. Rather than give a life history or ramble on and on about why I am doing this project, this post will be an expansion of a Facebook post I wrote on New Year’s Eve. Our 2017 was a doozy, which should have led me to write consistently on this Blog. I have no excuse outside of feeling overwhelmed. Anyway, here is the summary of our 2017:

  1. On New Year’s Eve I announced to my husband, Brandon, that we were going to have baby #2.DSCN6611.jpg This was fantastic news because we had been trying for this baby for nearly a year.

  2. We agonized about if, when, and where we would move to next. We were living in Magna, UT in a large apartment complex that greatly cramped our style. Also the water there made me sick. For months we fasted and prayed for direction and kept basically getting “Just wait” for an answer. In the 11th hour I came across the posting for what would become our next home. The whole experience gave me greater insights into Mathew 6:34, which is a scripture that always gave me pause.

  3. I tried to care for a toddler while experiencing morning sickness. We spent a lot of time lying around watching kids shows. Some of them still make me nauseous just thinking about them.

  4. We (mostly Brandon and some kind neighbors) packed up all our stuffIMG_20170221_085306397.jpg into a Uhaul and parked it in the driveway of our friends’ house. By-the-way, don’t leave houseplants in a Uhaul for a week. Things don’t turn out well.

  5. We spent a week “homeless” and living at said friends’ house. They were lifesavers and were so patient with having a two-year-old in their home. This kindness was especially appreciated considering the wife was also expecting and sick. We had “sick pregnant lady parties” on the couch.

  6. We moved into a rented townhouse which was in the midst of being updated. The maintenance crew was there finishing up every day for the first week we were there. This was fascinating to my daughter, but she would not nap when they were there. She never got back into the habit of napping. I miss my “lunch breaks.”

  7. Brandon received a month notice that his position was being eliminated. We moved in on a Monday and he received the news that Friday.

  8. We potty trained our two-year-old using the Oh Crap! method. I highly recommend it. We have had our setbacks, but the principles in the method resonate with us as parents.

  9. Brandon faithfully began a full-time job hunt that would last 6 months (he had already been job hunting because we could see the layoff coming). We lost count, but we estimate that Brandon had about 50 interviews during that time.

  10. We started making amazing friends in a fantastic neighborhood in Cottonwood Heights, UT. The townhouse we lived in was nice, (I mean look at the view from our bedroom) IMG_20170320_143904189.jpgbut the people in the neighborhood really made Cottonwood Heights home right away. People of all ages and backgrounds accepted us and gave us the emotional support we needed to be happy though the uncertainties we faced. Also, there were families with fantastic little girls that became the best friends my daughter has ever had.

  11. I was placed on modified bed rest to prevent pre-term labor at 24 weeks.

  12. Spent the summer feeling useless while Brandon cared for our home and toddler while I listened to audiobooks and crocheted. Listening to Alaska: A Novel by James A. Michener and making a diaper bag IMG_20170619_214839059.jpgtook most of the summer.

  13. Gave birth to a healthy full term baby boy via VBAC two days before our daughter’s third birthday. Don’t worry, I won’t launch into a birth story here. That would be a whole other blog post. But, the birth of my son was full of fear and strength and amazingly supportive health care providers. After having experienced an emergency c-section with my first-born, I am so grateful to have been able to give birth via VBAC. The recovery is so much easier.dscn6888.jpg

  14. Was just beginning to think that I was on my way to normalcy when I had some postpartum complications which put me in the ER, then the OR, and the hospital. Brandon had to cancel/reschedule a job interview because of these complications. This ordeal was possibly the most frightening one of my life and I am so glad that I have a husband that was willing to risk a promising opportunity to be there with me.

  15. A week later as a family we traveled to Pocatello, ID for the rescheduled job interview. The selection committee even invited me to join them for meals during the interview process.

  16. Brandon was offered and accepted the job at Idaho State University.

  17. Mice invaded our home. This doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but these were the cheekiest mice ever. They brazenly scurried about our living room during a family gettogether and one morning two of them had an all out brawl in the middle of our living room. Brandon made a science of getting rid of them. He even caught one with his own two hands.

  18. Made the trip between Pocatello and Cottonwood Heights 3 more times due to the moving process. That is a three-hour drive each way. Imagine doing that with a three-year-old yelling and kicking the back of your seat the entire time. Oh, and potty accidents…

  19. Moved into a rented townhouse in Chubbuck, ID without seeing the inside first. The property was sold and closed on our move-in date and the place was not move-in ready. It still isn’t, but we live here anyway. And Brandon is again making a science of riding our home of mice. He also made a science of eliminating the smell of cigarette smoke.

  20. Brandon started his new job and is happy there.

  21. Although it was a fender bender, I was in an accident that totalled my car. IMG_20171204_100455502_HDR.jpgThe car was due for retirement, but now we get to start off 2018 car shopping.

And those are just the highlights. It was a long year that I don’t want to do again, but through it all I felt like Heavenly Father was watching out for us and everything is just as it should be.

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