John Morris King and Sarah Ann Jewell

The prompt for #52Ancestors this week was, predictably, Valentine. I chose to do my research on the couple in my family tree that was married on the date nearest to Valentine’s Day. John Morris King and Sarah Ann Jewell, my 6th great grandparents, were married on February 11, 1833 in Grove, New York. Outside of that I couldn’t find any information about their love story leading up to their marriage. However, their lives together, their marriage, I find to be quite remarkable. I pull the details of their lives from an autobiographical life sketch written by John Morris King and another life synopsis of Sarah Ann Jewel written by Peggy Joan Morris, both of which can be found in the memories portions of their respective FamilySearch profiles.

The August after they were married the couple moved to Chagrin (modern-day Chagrin Falls), Ohio. Their first son, Robert Edson King, whom I decend from, was born there in 1834. In 1835 they moved to Lorain County, Ohio. They moved twice in 1836, first to Lamport County, Indiana then, six weeks later, to St. Joseph County, Michigan. In 1837 their family of three suffered much sickness. Sarah “often requested” that they move nearer John’s family in Ohio whom they had been away from for about 5 years. They set off for Kirkland, Ohio in 1838, with John going ahead to secure a home for his family. From this point on the story of John and Sarah’s lives became inseperable from the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). They were both baptized by Brigham Young 17 November 1838. At the time of their conversion church members were living mostly in the Kirkland, Ohio and in Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri. Below is a table showing life events for John and Sarah in relation to relevent events in the history of the LDS church.

John M King Family Timeline
Information on LDS church history pulled from

Their marriage was not an easy one, with many separations. However, I am amazed by their individual and combined dedication to eachother and their faith. Learning about their lives makes me all the more grateful for mine, because without them I would not have the life I have. I would likely not live where I live or have the religion I charish. I feel respect and admiration for them both.


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