Jemima Seamons

Was it luck?

Jemima Seamons

The #52ancestors prompt, “Lucky” lead me to find this story about the Feresmore Little company of pioneers traveling from Omaha, Nebraska to Salt Lake City, Utah. The company included my great-great grandparents, Jemima Seamons and Robert Daines. It was a small company, only consisting of nine men and two women. Most of the group had come to Omaha from Salt Lake City to get supplies to bring back for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Robert and Jemima had been living in Omaha and were invited to join on the return journey. Jemima was the cook for the group. She also served as a teamster due to sickness of others (including Robert).

Now we come to the “lucky” story as submitted to FamilySearch by Cheryl Brown:

“During their travels they saw many large herds of buffalo. One day a herd of about 500 came tearing along the road and it looked as though the company would be trampled to death. Captain Little had all the teams stop close together and wait. As the head buffalo came quite close to them, he stopped, threw up his head and stared for some minutes at them, then turned and ran off in another direction. The rest followed their leader, thus saving the lives of the company.”

Think of how terrifying that would be! Imagine just sitting there just waiting to be trampled to death. Would you be praying? I know I would. Then the lead buffalo and at the last-minute studies your group, changes his mind, and leads the heard in a different direction.

Some may call that lucky. I call it miraculous.


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