Emily Brown

As a child I remember being told about a pioneer ancestor of mine who was buried in an unmarked grave in the Logan City Cemetery in Logan, Utah. I thought I knew the general area of the cemetery that her grave is located, but I was way off. In this week’s #52Ancestors post, “In the Cemetery,” I will tell you a bit about Emily Brown‘s gave.

My sister, Emily, is named for our great-grandmother, Emily Anderson, who is, in turn, named for her grandmother Emily Brown.

Emily Brown

Emily Brown died young at only 25 years old, eleven days after giving birth to her second daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Smyth (from whom I descend). She died on Christmas Day, 1866.

From 1866 to 2010 the only way to know where she was buried was by asking the Logan City cemetery sexton. I thought she was buried north of the family plots where my dad, my great-grandfather, and others are buried. Then my mom thoughtfully decided to give a gift to Emily Brown. When she purchased a the headstone for my dad’s grave (and her future burial site) in 2010 she also purchased a headstone for Emily Brown. Emily Brown HeadstoneI admire my mom’s decision to purchase this headstone. Emily Brown is not her ancestor, but she sacrificed her resources to honor the direct ancestor of her husband and children. When my mom showed me the headstone I was pleased to see that I was wrong concerning the location of Emily Brown’s grave. The section of the cemetery where I though she was buried is an empty, lonesome looking place. Instead, Emily Brown is buried in a lovely, shaded part of the cemetery with the feel of a long-established woodland. Her site is: Plat A; Block 10; Lot 66; Grave 1. And thanks to my mom, any passerby can know she is there.

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