Aaltje Wasseur

Talk about another language, this weeks #52ancestors prompt! I have no idea even how to pronounce this ancestor’s name. Aaltje WesseurAaltje Wasseur is my great-great-grandmother. She was born 29 June 1864 in Stadskanaal (how do you say that?), Netherlands. Here is what I know about her life:

  1. She married Onno Frederick Fiet on 6 June 1887 in Eenrum, Netherdands.
  2. Aaltje’s husband made a living with his freight and fishing boat which had sails and a captin’s cabin on it. Aaltje went along with him on a trip in 1888 when she gave birth to my great grandmother, Jacoba Fiet, on the ship in a Belgum canal.
  3. Onno and Aaltje were baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 25 March 1891.
  4. The family (now with three children) imigrated to the United States in 1894 by way of New York. In order to imigrate they auctioned their posessions and borrowed money from Aaltje’s father.
  5. The family traveled through Chicago, where Onno’s father was living, on their way to Utah where they settled in Roy.
  6. Aaltje and Onno had 6 more children in Roy for a total of 9 children. 3 of her children preceeded Aaltje in death.
  7. On 5 September 1923 Aaltje passed away in Roy and was burried in the Roy City Cemetery three days later.

Now we come to the snipit from her life that fits in the prompt, “another language.” It is a short story, but shows the challange of traveling in America for non-english speakers. (My mom provided this information in a comment on another of my blog posts.)

 After getting to Chicago, they had to lay over two days in the train depot because they couldn’t speak English well enough to make contact with Onno’s father, Freek (known as Fredrick) Fiet, who had lived right there in Chicago.

Imagine spending two days basically stranded because you can’t communicate with anyone around you. Perhaps some of you have experienced this yourself? If so, tell me about it.

4 thoughts on “Aaltje Wasseur

  1. My name is Betty Jean Locke, daughter o f Vere Webster Bendixen and Irene Gladys Galloway. paternal grandparents Ephram Vigo Bendixen and Caroline Delila Webster . maternal grandparremts Richard Mickelthwait Galloway and Jacoba Altja Fiet.

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