Mary Elizabeth Kay Walker

In 1900 Richard Michlethwaite Galloway (Dick) immigrated to the United States. He worked and saved and sent money for his parents and siblings to immigrate as well. The following is the letter (two pages long) his mother Mary Elizabeth Kay Walker Mary 'Elizabeth' Kay Walker-2wrote to him from “so far away” (the #52ancestors prompt) in England just before embarking with the family to America. I have tried to transcribe the letter true to the way it was originally written.

May 19(?), 1903

To Our Dear Son Dick,

The long long looked for is come at last. we have received your welcome letter & the two 50 Dollar notes in it all safe. we filled up a form the same day that we received your letter & sent it of to liverpool so as to securethe first boat that sailed. that would have been on May the 21st but we did not succeed so we have to wait till June the 4 so I guess we shall be with you about the 17th or 18th. we are pleased that you are well. your Dear Mother crys for joy at the thought of the meeting you again, & Lizzie is also very heavy on her mind for we should so much like to bring her. I tell you Dick she is a fine girl you will be proud of her when you see her. she was at home to night& we had a long talk to her on the gospel & about coming out with us but we could not get a favourable reply, all we could get was I don’t want to go, we told her that the ticket was ordered, but that did not alter her mind, so we don’t know which way it will turn out yet & as soon as Lizzie had gone in came Alice & Louie so we told them all about it & told her to hold her self in readyness to go, if Lizzie would not come with us, & she was quite willing to come with us if the way opens for her. I have Borowed the remainder of the money that was short at Liverpool for our fares. I think that Cousin Annie from Bradford is coming out at the same time, she is engaged to a Elder that as returned home. I could have got Half the fair for Alice if she, or her folks could have raised the other Half, but she will come as soon as we send the money for her, keep up correspondance with her, she looks forward for a letter. I do not think you need to send us any more letters after you receive this one, & if you feel like writing we will do so. have you visited Elder Evens folks yet. they have given us a hearty inventation to go & see them if there is any thing that they can do in helping us they will do so, you might just give them a look in, & there is elder Ganks folks. The man who

[Page 2]

as proffered to let us have the use of his land for a few years for nothing so that we can just full our seves round. that is if we want to be farmers or raise stock of any kind. the land is located west of the city about 12 miles in Huntus ward. There is 60 acre of it that belongs to him & there is 11 flowing wells & a 10 acre lake for to raise fish in. one of ou says he could make a good living with Poultry & fish out of it. Banks gave us a plot to build our house on. He as sent word home about us if you feel like going round that way you are quite willing to do so we can have it any time we like. if we feel like wating till he is home that will be in 1905, we can do, & he will do all he can to help us, & we can make a proper agreement how to go on so that there would be no misunderstanding & we should have papers to show on both sides but this can be all arranged if we agree to take it up to work. if you hear of any thing that I could do I am willing to go to & do it. so if you can get me work by speaking for me before I come it would be all right. I am ready to start right away. I shall let Brother Makes know I am setting sail & that I have Borrowed some money & that I am relying on his promice well I don’t know any thing more at prese. We derst not let Grandma know we have to work on the quite all the time we did not let her read your last letter they are all well John is at work ag on the Fish Dock. we have not even told Harold & May & we shall have to keep them at school till the very last. Well Dick the Lord Bless you & all tha that as assisted you we just say byby till we meet face to face for then

Looke for Kiss from your Loving Father & Mother

This letter, is, of course, only a portion of the correspondence between Mary and her son, Dick. It leaves me with many questions concerning the people mentioned in the letter. So I will have to add the names in this letter to my ever-growing list of people I would like to research. Of course , the time I will get to doing that reasearch also seems so far away.

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